Cherry Kim is a Designer and Stylist based in New York, who illustrates onto upcycled garments.

She does not enjoy eating the fruit for which she is named :(  

What she does like, though, is taking existing items and giving them a fresh second life. In our world of mass production, there’s a need to slow the cogs driving the industries that insist on rapid consumption. And so, Cherry focuses on intentional, custom designs and collaborative processes (with you!). Each garment materializes differently, but all are united by her signature depth of illustration with each pair taking 12-15 hours of careful articulation. Customization befits both individualism and the pursuit of a more conscious existence!  

Cherry’s early designs express a curiosity for domestic spaces and the furniture that allows us to exist comfortably in them. Whether chairs and tables, or entirely unrelated, write Cherry to talk about your custom desires here.

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